Luminary Green & Opal Blue

(exhibition view)

2016 sound installation

iPod, shelf, spray painted cable-ducts, speakers. 11’ 31’’ – on loop

Work realized for “Exhibition of the Year 2016” at t-space, Milan.

The concept of this exhibition revolved around Pantone’s “Color of the Year”. For the year 2016, the choice fell on Rose Quartz & Serenity, two for the first time, because of their ability to reassure and embrace the customer seeking mindfulness and well-being in our troubled times, as the statement on the official website said.

My intervention consists in a stereo soundtrack for the exhibition.

This soundtrack is made up of two independent but complementary tracks aiming at the creation of an almost ready- made, ethereal and relaxing background to the other works exhibited. This track is played on loop from an iPod and through two speakers set on the floor, one across from the other in the exhibition space.

The cables are distributed across the walls through cable-ducts, an element often conceived as a disturbance inside of an exhibition. Reflecting on my work’s position as a backdrop, I chose to spray-paint them in two different colors picked from the official “Rose Quartz & Serenity Color Pairings” on Pantone’s website: Luminary Green & Opal Blue. These two colors, in turn, gave their name to the soundtrack itself.

Photo credits: t-space studio (exhibition view)

Listen to the track here.