The Self-evident EP



2017 – in progress

6 tracks – 13’ 18’’

This work consists in six audio tracks composing my practice statement, recited by my practice itself.

To realize this work, I started off by writing six texts, part of which derives from the appropriation and re-elaboration of fragments, sentences and key-words coming from some of the writings that had been fundamental to the developing of my practice. First and foremost “The Sublime is Now” (1948) by Barnett Newman and “Abstract” (2011) by Liam Gillick, which, in the terms of my research, respectively represent the beginning and end of a certain concept of abstraction.

These texts are then read by a text-to-speech software along with an analog synthesizer background.

If a certain history of abstraction had consisted in a sequence of tentatives aiming at making the work of art autonomous and independent from the artists’ authorship, through this process I’m envisioning a possible, quasi-sci-fi scenario in which the next step had taken place: my work, the research by which it is driven and the aesthetics by which it is generated become a sentient, autonomous, self-aware and completely self-referential entity; the elements that have defined this aesthetics throughout art history (elusiveness, smoothness, sensuality etc.) become the distinctive features of this new entity’s character.

The writings I got inspiration from play, thus, the role of almost archetypical figures in the creation of a new, totally self-referential and artificial setting, absolutely internal to my work’s narrative.

In the following phase, I dedicated myself to the graphic layout necessary to the right transmission of these tracks, designing a specific font and realizing a series of illustrations to outline their surrounding environment, made of minimal shapes and sceneries.

The result of this process consists, then, in different levels, layered on top of each-other, of the same self-feeding and self-legitimising aesthetic, functional exclusively to its own self-referentiality.

This work’s existence is necessary to the contextualization of my practice and vice-versa.

Listen to the EP here.